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New software releases

Hi all!

We are reaching the end of the CloudSpaces project.

We want to inform you about the latest releases of StackSync. First of all, as a new feature we present the StackSync Quota server. It will control and manage users’ quota. Furthermore, we also release a management interface to create and administrate users in an easy way. You can find the source code and the binaries in the following links:

Desktop Client version 2.0.1
StackSync Server version 0.6.13
StackSync Quota Server version 0.2
Web Management Interface
Web Client

Thank you all!

About Mac OS X and StackSync

A long time has passed since last update, but we have been working hard đŸ™‚

During the last month we have been mainly preparing a Mac OS X version with an installer and desktop integration. This Mac OS version contains:

  • PKG installer that copy automatically the .app into the Applications folder
  • Overlays. With this new feature, mac users will have visually information about files state (synchronized, synchronizing…)

    We have also fixed some minor bugs and improved sharing features.

    This new release will be available to download during February.

  • StackSync at OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014


    We are very happy to announce that the StackSync team will be at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta.

    After the voting, StackSync is one of the selected talks in the OSS Projects category (link).

    We are going to introduce StackSync to the OpenStack community and explain the architecture and how could be deployed in a Swift installation.

    See you in Atlanta, May 14 at 2:40 pm!

    Introducing StackSync to the RedIRIS community

    After presenting the StackSync project in the RedIRIS technical meeting in Madrid (October 2013), we received several feedback and comments from technicians in this community, that are interested in our solution. That’s why in order to spread the word especially to those organizations in the community that did not attend to the RedIRIS meeting, we have recently participated in an online video-session where we shared our project and experiences. In this video-session the audience had the chance to know other Personal Cloud projects in the community, concretely an Owncloud deployment at the Universidad de Sevilla. It was a great chance to exchange results, issues and goals, as well as let us explain the audience the benefits of using an adaptable and secure Personal Cloud like StackSync in comparison to Owncloud.

    In the wake of this meeting, we are also working in collaboration with the RedIRIS Headquarters to provide StackSync to the whole community. RedIRIS has always been committed to boost local projects so that the community takes advantage of it. This will evolve in the following weeks, so stay tuned to this blog to know more about this project and how you can benefit from it.

    Website finally released!

    We are happy to announce the release of this new website. We intend to turn this website into a gathering place for the StackSync community were you will be able to find all kind of information about the project.

    We are committed to building an open, secure and scalable Personal Cloud. At this moment we are still working on writing documentation and releasing as much information about StackSync internals as possible.

    Stay tuned for more updates!