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API specification

Retrieve file information

Retrieves information about a file or a folder submitting an HTTP GET request to the Metadata resource that represents the file or folder.

URL structure

GET /metadata/:node id

Query parameters

  • list. (Optional) Only applicable when fileId corresponds to a folder. The strings true and false are valid values. true is the default. If true, the folder’s metadata will include a contents field with a list of metadata entries for the contents of the folder. If false, the contents field will be omitted. Note that the root folder will always return its content regardless of this flag.
  • include_deleted. (Optional) The strings true and false are valid values, false is the default. If this parameter is set to true, then response will include metadata of deleted objects. Note that the target of the metadata call is always returned even when it has been deleted regardless of this flag.


The Metadata resource information for the file or folder with the given node id. If node id represents a folder and the list parameter is true, the information will also include a listing of Metadata for the folder’s contents.

Example response

Sample JSON return value for a folder when list parameter is set to true.