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OpenStack Swift All-In-One VM

We provide a virtual machine with an OpenStack Swift All-In-One and the last version of StackSync server (0.6.13) in order to make it easier to deploy StackSync. This virtual machine in only for testing and development purposes.

You can download the virtual machine and import it to your VirtualBox. In this page you can find the instructions needed to configure it.

Download Swift AIO imageStackSync Server 0.6.13

Configuration instructions

Username and password of the default user, with root privileges:

User: swift
Password: urv

Activate the network

Bring up the ethernet interface:

Note that the interface can have another number (eth0, eth1, …)

Tell the DHCP server to assign an IP:

Check and write down the ip address given to the interface.

Update the IP in Keystone, Swift and StackSync

Execute the script with the current IP as a parameter:

Start the services

Create new users

Access the web manager from the browser with the following URL:

Login with the credentials:

User: swift
Password: urv

Follow this manual: